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Papers of Rev Dr John Walker
    Papers in Natural History and Parish Management

Edinburgh University Library Department of Special Collections

Papers in geography, history, and science

Item Summary

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GB 0237 John Walker Dc.1.58



Extent and medium of the unit of description


bound volume

Name of creator

Walker | John | 1731-1803 | professor of natural history, University of Edinburgh and clergyman

Scope and Content

Scope and Content

Approximately 75 mostly handwritten leaves, including a 2-page colour drawing of Burrum chundalle, an extract from a history of Louisiana by W. de Page du Pratz (1783); extract from a history of Sumatra by William Marsden (1783); extract from the 'Constitution of the German Empire', s.n., s.d.; extract from 'Baretti's Account of the Manners and Customs of Italy' (1775); extract from 'Baretti's Travels Thro' England Portugal Spain & France to Genoa (1760); extract from 'Travels thro' Portugal & Spain by Richard Tiviss' (1772); 'A Tour thro' Sicily & Malta by P Brydone' (1770); extract of an account of travels to Russia and Sweden; extract of a voyage to South America; a voyage to China & the East Indies by Peter Osbeck, 1750; 'Voyage to India & back by Land, by Ed. Ives, Surgeon to Adm. Watson', 1755-7 (transcribed 1783); essay on the backwardness of China's fine arts; essay on what caused the decline of the Roman empire; Foster's voyage to the South Pole with Cook (containing samples of New Zealand's music); essay on measuring a ship's way, 1780; voyage to the East Indies by Mr Grose, a glossary, 1750 (1780); notes of other voyages, passim, collected 1784; notes and animal drawings from Dampier's round-the-world voyage, collected 1781; extract of Dalrymple's collection of voyages in the South Pacific; extract of a Siberian trip in 1761; extract of a bibliography of a German colleague, 1786; editorial to the Scotsman concerning a recent execution; reviews of German science books; Madame du Bocage's travels through Holland & Italy; Voltaire on Charles XII; Buonaparte the Beast in Revelations; biographical rundown of characters in the Dutch wars (on back of reused accounting sheets); Voltaire on Louis XIV; notes on French history; Campbell on European settlements in America; bibliography of Sir Robert Sibbald, w/a view to a history of the Picts; Peter Kalm in North America, 1748-1749; Bergman on mineralogy; Precipitants for mineral waters; extract from Watson's chemical essays; John Elliot on mineral waters; list of Dr Mead's book sale, 1755; heroic poem from Renaissance Canaria; notes on Priestly; On heavy spar, 1775; Extract of Elliot's introduction to natural philosophy; Lord Chesterfield miscellany; essays on theology, 1774; Cicero on republics; materia medica; list of Scotticisms; story problem about insurance and politics; Cullen on cold and evaporation; Lavoisier on science; On the fine art of engraving; Beaumé on chemistry; notes on Scottish Lantana and botanic exoticisms and practical gardening; wills and testamentary documents for John Paterson and for Isobel Morison.

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