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Papers of Sir Archibald Geikie
    Correspondence of Sir Archibald Geikie (H-S)

Edinburgh University Library Special Collections Division

Correspondence: John Edward Marr to C Neaves

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GB 0237 Sir Archibald Geikie Gen. 525/16



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Geikie | Sir | Archibald | 1835-1924 | professor of geology, University of Edinburgh

Biographical History

Biographical History

Sir Archibald Geikie corresponded with a number of people both socially and professionally. This sub-series includes the following correspondents:

John Edward Marr (1857-1933) communicated with Geikie primarily regarding Geological Society matters.

Raphael Meldola (1849-1915) wrote regarding a paper on geological and biological evolution and work going on within the British Association on coastal erosion.

Louis Compton Miall (1842-1921) met with Geikie and attended lectures by him. He wrote to arrange such occasions and regarding his own candidacy for the professorship of geology at the Yorkshire College of Science.

Sir Henry Alexander Miers (1858-1942) wrote regarding an address to be given by Geikie to Magdalen College Oxford and about Belgian geologists who were visiting Britain.

Hugh Miller (1802-1856) admitted Geikie to the Royal Physical Society as his guest in 1852. He shared an interest in Old Red Sandstone with Geikie and wrote, shortly before his death to arrange a meeting to discuss this and other geological findings. His wife, Lydia Falconer Miller (1811-1876) continued the correspondence, partly in connection with postumous publication of her husband's work.

Their son Hugh Miller (fl1874-1894) wrote mainly about Sir Roderick Impey Murchison. He arranged for Geikie to recieve letters written by Murchison, including some to his father.

John Milne (1850-1913) was the first professor of siesmology at the University of Tokyo and wrote to Geikie from there and later from the Isle of White regarding his research into tilting of the land.

WF Mitchell (fl1898) worked for the Geological Survey of Ireland and asked Geike to supply him with a reference when he moved to South Africa (see also letter from J Nolan: GB 0237 Sir Archibald Geikie Gen. 525/17).

François Napoléon Marie Moigno (1804-1884) asked Geikie's opinion on the best illustrated work on geology or paleontology

John Morris (1810-1866) asked Geikie to locate some granite specimens for him and also wrote concerning publications by Joseph Beete Jukes (1811-1869) and Adam Sedgwick (1785-1873).

Andrew Murray (1812-1878) wrote regarding a planned articles they had written and illustrations by a Mr Cooke.

James Augustus Henry Murray (1837-1915) wrote concerning the origins and useage of words particularly those connected with geology and science in general.

John Murray (1841-1914) wrote partly in connection with the Challenger Expedition.

Scope and Content

Scope and Content

The Correspondence: John Edward Marr to C Neaves sub-series consists of:

  • 54 letters, alphabetically arranged (1852-1899)




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