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Papers of Sir Archibald Geikie
    Correspondence of Sir Archibald Geikie (H-S)

Edinburgh University Library Special Collections Division

Correspondence: John Strong Newberry to John Perry

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GB 0237 Sir Archibald Geikie Gen. 525/17



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Geikie | Sir | Archibald | 1835-1924 | professor of geology, University of Edinburgh

Biographical History

Biographical History

Sir Archibald Geikie corresponded with a number of people both socially and professionally. This sub-series includes the following correspondents:

John Strong Newberry (1822-1892) was awarded the Murchison medal by the Geological Society of London in 1888 and wrote to Geikie about it. He also wrote regarding his trip to England the same year, to send him a copy of The Paleozoic Fishes of North America, (1889), and to introduce to Geikie, FJH Merrill.

Alfred Newton (1829-1907) wrote regarding a cruise up the west coast of Scotland.

Henry Alleyne Nicholson (1844-1899) was professor of Natural History and Botany at the University of Toronto (1871-1874) and wrote to Geikie after receiving that appointment. He also wrote regarding his application for the chair of Zoology at the Royal College of Science, Dublin. Later as professor of Natural History at the University of St Andrews, he asked Geikie's opinion on the rocks of Harris and for support in his application for the 'Survey Lectureship'.

J Nolan (fl1898) worked with the Geological Survey of Ireland and wrote regarding the accuracy of Bartholomew's maps of Ireland and regarding a proposed agricultural map. He also mentions providing a reference for WF Mitchell (see also letter from WF Mitchell: GB 0237 Sir Archibald Geikie Gen. 525/16)

Benjamin Neeve Peach (1842-1926) wrote to convey results (including illustrartions) from survey work he was undertaking in and around Ayrshire, including references to shale, Silurian, Old Red Sandstone and fossils. He also informed Geikie of an incident where he had beeen accused of illegal fishing which required him to take a leave of absence to attend to it.

Charles William Peach (1800-1886) wrote on subjects including glacial drift, enclosing a short paper.

John Perry (fl1895-1896) wrote about the age of the Earth.

Scope and Content

Scope and Content

The Correspondence: John Strong Newberry to John Perry sub-series consists of:

  • 37 letters, alphabetically arranged (1863-1900)




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