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Papers of Frederick Orpen Bower
    Correspondence of Frederick Orpen Bower 1917-1922
        Correspondence of Frederick Orpen Bower: Robert John Harvey-Gibson to Sir Arthur William Hill

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Letter to Frederick Orpen Bower from Robert John Harvey-Gibson

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GB 0248 DC 002/14/215


24 February [1922]

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Name of creator

Harvey-Gibson | Robert John | 1860-1929 | dean, Faculty of Science, University of Liverpool

Scope and Content

Scope and Content

Letter to Frederick Orpen Bower from Robert John Harvey-Gibson in which he states that he is pleased that Bower likes his diagrams. He states that he is happy to do them for others if anyone else needs diagrams but he would do them "for a consideration" and not for free as he had done for Bower. He states that he does not know what the usual rates are for this work but that he is happy to do it for the usual trade terms. He discusses what sort of illustrations he can and can't do. He tells Bower that he is writing a short history of botany for elementary students. He states that the copy he had given to Bower was too expensive for juniors' pockets but that he can do a cheaper one if he does not include the more recent developments. He proposes finishing the book with the birthday of modern botany, the period between 1840-1860 when protoplasm was discovered, cell theory was founded, a knowledge of [cryptogamic] botany was founded and evolution theory began. He states that he would like to try it out on a class and wonders if Bower would let him try it out on his senior students in the form of 4 lectures in one week in the summer term. He also asks Bower if his published work would be enough to allow him to qualify for a DSc under the new regulations which state that graduates from Scottish universities can submit published work. He asks Bower if a selection of his papers could be submitted as a thesis if one is required. He states that he would like to be a DSC before he dies and that he would rather it was from Glasgow than his original university which was Aberdeen..




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