Papers of John Walker

Edinburgh City Archives

John Walker (1731-1803)

Related material

The structure of the finding aids to the Edinburgh City Archives is such that named individuals' collections are not readily searchable when trying to draw up links between the two institutions collections. There is little material created directly by these scientists. The list of manuscripts and papers indexes below reveals the material that corresponds most directly with NAHSTE, however, the individual researcher may be able to pinpoint other relevant subject sources that could be consulted.

  • Transferred McLeod Subject Index
  • McLeod Index
  • Moses Index

The Transferred McLeod Subject Index includes the following references to correspondence by John Walker:
(Bay C, bundle 16)

  • letter concerning the catalogue of the contents of the University museum. He comments on the inappropriateness of the room where he and Prof Black are lodging and suggests the rehousing of the Museum next to the Library (1780)
  • letter containing the catalogue of the contents of the Museum of Edinburgh University, presented to the Town Council (1780)
  • letter to the College Committee regarding the repairs to the extension of the Museum, due to the encumbrance of material (1799)
  • copy of a petition for reimbursement following the procurement of and preparation of specimens for the Museum. He also requests 60 from the magistrates to secure the valuable Weir collection to become part of the Museum collection, with reply enclosed (1790)
  • list of items in Natural History presented to the Royal Society of Edinburgh and deposited in the University's museum (1785)
  • remit to the College Committee to visit the proposed room for the re-accommodation of the Natural History collection and for the undertaking of all necessary repairs, with reply enclosed (1780s)
  • representation to the Lord Provost and Town Council requesting a bill for the provision of glasses of spirits for the preservation of bodies, also boxes, frames, glass cases, drawers and port-folios (1785)

A number of other possible sources of information relating to John Walker could be explored:

  • Index to the Dean of Guild Court Warrants
  • Index to Council records
  • Tax records, extant rolls (SL35, 1580-1829 for Edinburgh)
  • Published material