Papers of John Walker

National Archives of Scotland

John Walker (1731-1803)

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References to archive material held at the National Archives of Scotland, that correspond with collections being catalogued on the NAHSTE Project are interspersed in various indexes. Unfortunately they cannot be searched for by the name of the individual but rather have to be looked for in amongst a variety of other sources. Some of these sources are listed below, however, individual researchers may be best placed to pinpoint indexes pertinent to their particular subject area.

References from the Gifts and deposits catalogue:

  • GB 0234 GD18/5118: Letter (copy) from Walker to Sir James Clerk regarding his travels in the Western Isles and the Highlands, and the books he intended to write. He also states he has discovered a new class of plants which Linnaeus has enjoined him to work on (28 January 1765).

References from the National Register of Archives (Scotland) (Textbase search):

  • NRAS 0888, bundle 458: Copy of a letter from the 7th Earl of Lauderdale to the 3rd Earl of Hopetoun, suggesting Walker's transference as Minister of Moffat (28 June 1782).

  • NRAS 61/6/2: "Letters and sundries", including correspondence relating to a survey compiled by the Board of Agriculture in the Hebrides (1793).

  • NRAS 1073, bundle 23: Correspondence with Lord Kames, including a letter containing a comparison between animals and vegetables (1770-1782).

  • NRAS 1073, bundle 25: Correspondence with Agatha Drummond Home, Lord Kame's wife, (1776-1780).