Papers of Joseph Black

Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh

Joseph Black (1728-1799)

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The archive material relating to Joseph Black held at the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh, that links up with the collections being catalogued by the NAHSTE Project, consists of a series of chemistry lecture notes.

1.1-8 Volumes of lectures on chemistry (c1770)

1.1 Including an analysis of the history of chemistry, alchemy, hydrostatics, astronomy and optics. Analysis of the present state of chemistry, including a new definition of the subject.

1.2 The effects of heat on objects; the fluidity as contrasted with the solidity of water; the analysis of Fahrenheit's thermometer scale and the boiling point of liquids.

1.3 Objects of chemistry and their different qualities with regard to heat and mixture: acids; compound salts.

1.4 Salts (cont.); earthy bodies; absorbent alkaline earths; limewater; experiments on alkaline bodies.

1.5 Clays; flexible earths; porcelain; inflammable bodies; phosphorous.

1.6 Effects of mixing of oils with other bodies; effects of acids on antimony.

1.7 Metals.

1.8 Discovery of fixed air; vegetable and animal substances; aromatic oils and resins; animal substances.

(118 lectures).

2.1-6 Volumes of lecture notes on chemistry (1785)

2.1 Lectures on chemistry, taken by James Scott:
    the effects of intense heat/cold on objects.

2.2 The general effects of mixture

3.1-2 Volumes of lectures on chemistry (c1785)