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The Records of the Science Studies Oral History Project contain interviews with a number of scientists on CD ROM. Extracts have been made of some of them and these are available as mp3 files, requiring that you have suitable software installed to listen to them.

Click on the name for a list of occurences of that person's name within the NAHSTE collections and any biographical information (where available). Click on the graphic to listen to the soundclip itself:

click for soundclip Auerbach | Charlotte | 1899-1994 | German geneticist

click for soundclip Bragg | Sir | William Lawrence | 1890-1971 | physicist

click for soundclip Crew | Francis Albert Eley | 1886-1973 | professor of animal genetics, University of Edinburgh

click for soundclip Fell | Dame | Honor Bridget | 1900-1986 | biologist and Director of Strangeways

click for soundclip Greenwood | Alan William | 1897-c1980 | genetical physiologist and director of the Poultry Research Centre, University of Edinburgh

click for soundclip Lovell | Sir | Alfred Bernard Charles | b1913 | radio astronomer, pioneer of radar and radio telescopes

click for soundclip Pontecorvo | Guido | 1907-1999 | Italian geneticists

click for soundclip Smith | Alick Drummond Buchanan | 1898- | Lord Balerno, applied geneticist

click for soundclip Yonge | Sir | Maurice | 1899-1986 | marine biologist

A number of additional soundclips will be available by 31 October 2002.