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The Research Support Libraries Programme (RSLP) is funded by the UK Higher Education Funding Councils and the Department of Education for Northern Ireland. Funding to higher education institutions started in academic year 1999-2000 and will finish at the end of academic year 2001-2002, with up to £30M being disbursed over the three years.

The Programme brings together both traditional and new forms of access to library and archival information, with specific reference to support for research. The principal beneficiaries of the Programme will be researchers employed in UK Higher Education Institutions and their postgraduate research students, though there will be significant benefits for other groups.

The Programme is intended to meet the need for collaboration and sharing in the use of the research infrastructure. The overarching vision is to facilitate the best possible arrangements for research support in UK libraries by taking proactive steps to: sustain and enhance personal access to research resources, extend collaborative arrangements for collection management, increase availability of information about the location of the UK's rich information resources, improve ability to navigate around important collections and provide new technological and organisational arrangements to support the strategy.